Here Goes…

IMG_0302.JPGWell, hello there! This is a little surreal to me right now…starting a blog has been a dream of mine for several years now, and guys, it’s finally happening! Three cheers for 20 seconds of courage, amen? I guess now would be a great time to introduce myself. Like the home page says, I’m Shannon, though my family calls me Little She (hence my blog name). I’m a college student of one week, and guys, I’m thoroughly enjoying the collegiate life. The whole tiny room/ microwave meals/ 7+ mile daily walks/ kind of lifestyle’s really working out for me. Anyways, I’m a Chicago-born Florida girl who really, really loves sunshine. I’ve gotta say though, I do really miss my seasons around fall and winter. It definitely took some getting used to having green Christmases after a childhood of white ones! Florida in the springtime, though, is unbeatable.

So, like I mentioned in my bio, I’m majoring in dietetics (aka nutrition). I really have a passion for food and healthy living, so you’ll probably see a whole lot of food-related posts on here. In addition to that, I don’t have a meal plan here at college, so if any of y’all are in the same boat as me and need some dorm-friendly meal ideas, I gotchu. I’ve had a lot of health issues for the past few years, which has caused me to make some big changes in my diet. Currently, I’m eating a gluten-free, dairy-free diet, and that can be TOUGH in college. So hopefully I can help some of you guys out!

I’m a big sister to my not-so-little brother, Connor, who is a senior in high school. I LOVE giving life advice to him and my “pro tips,” and I was planning to make him a senior year timeline and high school/college tips (because we big sis’s have the tendency to tell our sibs what to do…sorry bro, it’s inevitable), and then some other rising seniors asked me about it, and I realized, “why don’t I just put this on the internet for whoever could use it?” Plus, I’d really like to document my college experience and personal growth on here, so there will most definitely be college/school related posts up on here!

Though I’m passionate about all of this, the very most important thing in my life is my Savior. In the past few years, God has revealed so much of Himself to me and has shown me the worth and value I have in Him. I have experienced the peace that comes from trusting God, though it was nothing of my own choosing; out of His great love and mercy I can feel His presence. My hope is that each and every person who reads this blog will encounter His love. I will be sharing my story of His work in my life, as well as some verses  and bible study-type posts!

Thanks for stopping by and beginning this new venture with me! Cheers to new beginnings and simply living life!

Love always,



15 responses to “Here Goes…”

  1. I Love this! Glad you are enjoying college life. I’m excited to see all the things that God is doing and will be doing in your life.


    1. Thank you, Mrs. Green!


    2. Love the new blog, good luck on your new adventure in life♡♡♡♡

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks Aunt Vicky!!


  2. Awesome first blog entry Shannon! Can’t wait to read more! Praying for you back at SRCS. 💜


  3. Shannon, you are a treasure. What a great first entry! You are wise and wonderful beyond your years and I am so glad that you are sharing your light with the world.
    Can wait to hear about your adventures!
    💟. Mrs. Eckart


    1. Thank you, Mrs. Eckart! ❤️


      1. The best gift God could give me was a child and the best gift I could give that child was God.
        Seek Him in all things.
        Love you Little She 😉


      2. Love you Mom!


  4. Watching you grow Shannon is like watching a rose bloom – simply awesome!

    I love you sweetie


    1. Love you Daddy!


  5. GREAT SENIOR YEAR TIPS young lady!!!


    1. 😊😊


  6. Love this Shannon. I will read over the tips with Seniors during SS. You may look like a Seminole but you are a Warrior at heart! 🙂 Mrs. Bowman


    1. Thanks, Mrs. Bowman! Once a Warrior, always a Warrior 😊


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